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Poker Run Map


2021 Lake Mead Yacht Club Props Poker Run Info
1. Purchase your hands at (No money
can be accepted within the park boundaries)
2. Go to West Marine at 252 E Lake Mead Pkwy on Friday 9-10-21
between 4pm to 7pm or Saturday 9-11-21 between 8am and 10am, or the Lake Mead Yacht Club at Callville Bay (see attached map) on Friday between 4pm and 8pm or Saturday starting at 8am, to pick up your info packet containing info packet and wristbands (one per hand). We will have a printout of hands purchased online, or you can purchase at West Marine. Only one wild card per hand, we will add wild card in when we read hands at the end
3. Starting at 9am to 3pm (stops will close at 3pm sharp) you can make all 5 stops at any order, info packet will have a map of where stops are, all stops will be in the Boulder Basin, you will not go thru the narrows. Look for the Poker Run Banner (picture of one will be in info packet), pull safely up to Card Stop and show wristbands, you will receive cards on how many wristbands you have. Please be courteous at stops and stay wakeless!! DO NOT OPEN ENVELOPES, we will not accept envelopes that have been opened
4. Once you have made all your stops head to Callville Bay, to the Lake Mead Yacht Club to get your cards read, you can park on the long 2500 dock along the launch ramp side or drive to the inside to the club, see map. If for some reason you could not make all the stops, we will give you the cards you are missing. We will be opening cards all day and will stop at 4-4:30pm. We will have a raffle with some cool prizes up to about 5 when we announce the winners.
5. We will not be selling any food or drinks at the Yacht Club, Callville Bay will have their store and restaurant open by the fuel dock if you need any supplies.
6. Callville does have overnight parking if you want to launch your boat a day early or leave it for Saturday night, call Callville Mooring at 702-565-8958 to see what you need to do.

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